Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Biking For Life

I love to ride my bike. Learning to ride a bike is one of the best things I ever did. I learned last summer at iCan Shine bike camp (click here to read more about it). I went for one week. I did my best. I learned to ride without training wheels. It was exhilarating. When camp was done, mom bought a bike for me. I loved my blue bike. I practiced everyday. I made good progress. I meaningfully tried to make biking my hobby. I wanted to make my body perform a useful skill. I found that practice riding helped me gear my body for other motor skills. Naturally I don’t feel my body well. I dearly need sensory input to feel my body’s weight. Bike riding provides lots of muscle stimulation and practicing good body awareness. Since I learned to bike, I have been able to control my body better and do things more independently. I can now pour my own milk, dress myself, keep myself from running into the street, and help out more around the house. I feel more practical now. I like that I have intelligent thoughts and now my body is starting to catch up with my mind. I mostly love bike riding because it is fun. Making bike riding a part of my life has been so wonderful.

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