Monday, August 22, 2016

Making Friends

J writes:

Phillip, how do you makes friends? My grandson is 11 and has no friends and is dreading going back to school because kids are mean to him and tease him.  It's heart breaking. Any hints?

To J,
Learning to make friends is hard. Is he interested in anything in particular? Maybe he can make a friend who has the same interests. Talking on-line is also a good way to let a person in your life in a less menacing way. Because you don’t have to worry about eye contact, social manners, and time to respond on-line, it is easier for me to interact on-line. Making friends face-to-face is easier with other autistics that understand. It gets easier with lots of time hanging out. I love having friends. Meaningful memories come from being with my friends. I get lots of practice making friends because my mom and her friends get us kids together. I love that meaningful friends can make my life more fun. Good luck to your grandson this school year. May he find a good friend.


Me and some of my RPM Friends in Buffalo

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