Sunday, April 15, 2018

My Autism Secret

By Luke Burke

Luke, age 9

Thanks Philip for inviting me to write on your page.  My name is Luke Burke.  I am nine years old and communicate using a letter board. Am also autistic and thankful to have found a way to have my words and thoughts expressed letter by letter.  I want to share with all of you what I experience on a daily basis.  The autistic brain is different but amazing all the same. Mainly I experience a sensory disaster during daily activities.  Each autistic person is unique but some of us experience similar disregulation within our sensory systems.  A big one for me is sound sensitivities.  I hear everything and I wish sometimes I didn’t.  Want my ears to get a break.  I also always hear secrets and I don’t mean to.  Can I keep a secret?  Yes!  But I never am voluntarily told one.  Anyway I value friendships and I also want a meaningful life.  Autistics are wise and kind and if given the chance make amazing friends.  Am also a wonderful listener and I won’t butt in while you are telling me that secret. Kidding not kidding.  Am hoping I have told you something helpful on autism awareness month.  Till next time Luke B. 

Luke Burke is 9 years old and in 2nd grade. Primarily, he uses a letterboard or keyboard to communicate. Luke’s hobbies include swimming, going to concerts, & reading. Being a music teacher at a school is his dream occupation. Luke is passionate about educating & advocating for those who haven’t found their method of communication yet. Luke's message to the world is, "I will try to always educate now that I am able to. Want people to accept our differences. Am wanting a world that accepts autistics the way they are. Presume competence always."

To read more of Luke's writings, visit his Facebook page  Different not less - Luke B.

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