Tuesday, April 17, 2018

My Martian Body

By Pablo Hernandez


So many, so many, have interested themselves in the way my mind works. Not so many understand. They can’t. They may not be able to face something so hard. It is not so much that they can’t understand. It is that to wrap their mind around the way we think, they have to be open to the idea that something so really not like them is too smart to care so much about what other people say. So people may be inclined to think that we do not understand.

My message is for some people who think we are too dumb - thinking sometimes that we really move in strange ways and that we really make strange noises that they cannot understand. To them I say, ”My life is important. Do you want to have a happy life? Well, I do too. I want to make a difference in the world. I want to make real change for understanding people like me.”

My Martian body is forever telling you that I am Pablo, a boy who understands nothing, but my perfect mind wants to tell you that I am just like you.

Pablo is an 11 year old non-speaking autistic boy who blogs at Not Too Trapped In My Head Anymore. He uses a letterboard or a keyboard to communicate.

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