Saturday, October 27, 2018

Sensory Trouble

I have been having problems typing lately. I can still type with mom but I am no longer able to type at school. I am becoming more distracted by my sensory world. I feel trapped in my thoughts of madness. I see very many meaningless details. I feel every annoying itch. I hear the meaningless sound of everything competing with my teachers.  I get overstimulated. 

I need to get myself in the right zone to think for school. Leaving my sensory world is important so I can learn and make my words flow. The words can’t surface in the storm. I need an anchor to keep me from getting overwhelmed by the hurricane of stimuli. The anchor is my aide. I need to trust she will guide me out of the storm and keep me focused on the task.  I mean to learn to be better at managing myself at school. But I am not doing well yet. I need even more support than I needed last year. I am calling on God to help me be able to get through this hard time in my life. Please pray for me. 


Backhuysen, Ludolf - Christ in the Storm on the Sea of Galilee - 1695

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  1. Philip,thank you for your genuine transparency. I'm praying for you.
    Lord Jesus, I pray for my brother, Philip. Lord Jesus, please bring healing to his body and to his mind. Give him strength to persevere through these difficult sensory challenges. Lord Jesus, please bring your healing touch to Philip. Help him to feel your peace and presence through this trial. Lord Jesus please help Philip's body listen to him. Please give his mind rest from sensory stimulation. Allow your Peace to rest on him. In Jesus's Name Amen.

  2. You will do it. These sensory storms come and go. The sun will reappear.

  3. Philip, prayers and love coming to you. God hears your plea. May you find your anchor in His arms x

  4. Hand in there Philip! The best way forward is to keep moving forward. Thanks for sharing this with us. Sending prayers and love. xo

  5. Hi Phillip.
    First, you are amazing. And you are so brave and strong. I have something called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. Lots of people with EDS also are on the spectrum. I have never been dx, but I am overstimulated very easily. Sounds, lights, sights (things in the room), smells and foods. I find it hard to be around busy places because there is too much happening.
    I take medications to decrease my central nervous system from overreacting. It’s not perfect, but it does help. I wouldn’t be able to work or participate without my meds to quiet my body.
    I hope you find something that works for you.