Tuesday, January 15, 2019

New Year's Resolution 2019

This year I want to get fit. I made my New Year’s resolution to exercise everyday. Practicing moving my body purposefully is learning. I have to learn both for my mind and body. Moving my body the way I want it is my biggest challenge today. I mean to overcome this challenge like the many challenges I had in the past. I have overcome not being able to express my intelligence. I have overcome being excluded from my public school. I have overcome some of my sensory challenges so I can handle going out more and having fun. There is hope I can overcome my wild body too. Being able to control my body will help me so much. I could make more meaningful actions to become more independent. I could get more control to stop impulsive behaviors. I would be more confident because I wouldn’t have to worry about my body embarrassing me with its crazy antics and weird tics.

My mom has been learning about exercises and reflex integration to help mature my brain so it works better. I believe my body will make more necessary neural connections. I am also trying to strengthen my muscles by lifting weights.  I want to feel my body in space better. I feel my limbs better with weights. More muscle should help me feel my body better. 

Meaningless body movements make me mad. I am now destroying all my shirts by mouthing them. I don’t want to look like a homeless person in rags but I am powerless to stop my habit. I want my body to listen when my mind tells it not to bite or do other annoying things. Perhaps I can get better at impulse control with my new exercises. 

I love exercising because it makes me feel good. I hope to meet my goals. I mean to give it my all. 

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  1. You will definately meet your goals Phillip because you are an overcomer.

  2. Great post Philip! Exercising has so many benefits and little risk. Studies have shown that exercise is just as good as if not better for treatment of anxiety and depression, just to name two common problems. Try to walk,run, bike, row, lift etc. everyday if possible. Make it part of your daily routine and make it fun too! Check out our gym at Spectrumstrength321.com and if you're ever on long island come down and work out with us! We would be honored to have you. Stay healthy! Brian and Danny Costello

  3. You got this! Perseverance! You inspire me! I'm a support specialist for a wonderful young man who is non verbal autistic. I'm learning how to help him from reading your writings. Keep up the amazing work and God Bless you!!