Friday, April 26, 2019

Rewiring My Brain Through Exercise

I am beginning to get more comfortable in my body. I started exercising like a baby does. I crawl on my belly. I crawl on all fours. I am hearing that I will make more brain connections my body needs to feel more regulated. I really believe it is working. I am getting stronger in my arms and legs. I can see changes in my arms. I get sore from exercising but at least I can feel my arms and legs. I am meaning to get over my fears too. When I get anxious sometimes I get paralyzed or I have fight or flight response. I get this way too much that it causes me to not be able to function well at school. I am learning that I may have retained primitive reflexes. If I can integrate them like babies naturally do when they go through developmental milestones, maybe I can be able to handle my fears and anxieties better.

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  1. Great blog. It helps me know the kids I teach.

  2. I am a college student who just finished writing a paper on better communication with those who have intellectual disabilities. Your blog has been a great inspiration to me. You have helped me understand many things, and grasp concepts in my own life. It is beautiful to read your words. Thank you.