Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Philip's Responses on Movement, Meltdowns, and Stims

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AD writes: Hi Philip. My name is AD. I am a student in college learning to do RPM with another really awesome boy who's name is also Philip! I'm just learning so I am not that great yet but sometimes Philip and I have not so great days where he doesn't want to sit and he runs away and I can't get him to keep on learning. Does this mean he does not want to learn or is this something he can't help? What are some things I can do to keep helping him? I read your messages to other people a lot and they are my favorite things to read. Thanks for all your help and advice Philip. You are doing great things for the world, you are like a superhero!

to ms. D, i am glad you wrote. i believe philip is running away because he is having a hard time controlling his body or anxiety. this doesn't mean he wants to stop learning. he wants you to keep teaching patiently. love him enough to follow him if necessary. my mom still has to do this for me. i slowly type still because i move so much. i hope he stays the caring boy to continue rpm. 
sometimes i am needing a break if i get in meltdown. the meltdown comes from pet peeves of people yelling at me or tons of stimuli or emotions. i mean to not be a mean boy in meltdown so its better to leave me safely to rest when in meltdown. move away from me but check on me. i am not wanting to hurt people. mom has learned the hard way. i am ready to work again once i am calm.
from, philip

Hi AD- Here are a couple other previous blog posts which might shed light on a new student/teacher relationship as well.  -Lisa
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A mom writes: Philip recently wrote about impulses vs. stims. My son has a ton of things that he can stim on and he received new "stim toys" for Christmas, yet he still wants to stim on off limits items like my jewelry (he will get into my jewelry box and scatter it everywhere), my scarves (he received his own scarves for Christmas), cords for electronics, etc. Do you have any suggestions on what we can do about this? We certainly understand the need for stimming, but we would like for him to do it with his own items (not ones that he could possibly damage).

hi. i have been cause of the same problem at my house. i like certain objects that i stim on. i choose them with care. people cannot substitute them easily. many times i look for the same object because my attention is focused on it. i believe not allowing access to the means of obtaining off-limit objects is the best solution. 

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