Saturday, December 7, 2013

Movie Review of Frozen

Today Sam and I took Philip and Lia to the AMC sensory friendly showing of Frozen.  We have gone twice before and it has become a monthly outing we look forward too.  I cannot compliment AMC enough.  Their seating is the best in the city- cushy adjustable recliners.  The price is a bargain.  The volume is not ear-splittingly loud.  Families are relaxed and used to the noise so no one is bothered by either the noise or the worry of bothering their fellow moviegoer. 
Frozen is the newest Disney film which is very loosely based on Hans Christian Anderson’s fairytale, The Snow Queen.  Really the only thing that is the same is that there is snow and a queen.  Other than that the stories are completely different.  However, I have to say I enjoyed the Disney story better.  The story revolves around two sisters and their love for each other.  Since I have a sister, my only sibling, I absolutely loved it!  I will not ruin the story by telling you what happens, but will give you my approval to go see it.  Unless you have a heart of ice, you will surely enjoy it.

Here is Philip’s review of the movie:

FROZEN- 4.5 stars out of 5
I liked Frozen because the story between two sisters is a good one.  I like the movie because one day I will turn another person to accept me as I am.  I am like Elsa because she isolates herself to protect herself.  She is an interesting character.  She is like me and I like her.  I estimate she is kind.  I am kind too.  Anna helped her sister by going after her and loving her.  She is like my mom.  I like this movie a lot.

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