Wednesday, January 1, 2014

14 for '14

Happy New Year Everyone!  May 2014 bring you blessings, peace, and prosperity.  I asked Philip if he had any New Year’s resolutions this year.  He didn’t know what resolutions were at first.  I explained they are goals that we are resolute, or determined, to achieve in the new year.  I explained that some people don’t make any because they can be hard to keep.  I expected Philip to maybe have one or two resolutions, but he kept on going until he came up with 14!  It goes to show me how determined he is to set high standards for himself.  My resolution will be to help Philip meet each one.

Here are Philip’s 14 for ’14:

1.        I will assume responsibility for my actions.

2.       I am going to teach RPM to each autistic kid by a) blogging, b) meet with autistic kids more, c) teach teachers, d) answer questions for parents

3.       A lot each day to typing

4.       Go to regular school

5.       Meet more autistic people

6.       Write a book about my life

7.       I will kid around less at school

8.       Have pastimes- avenue of fun

9.       I will practice RPM with other people

10.   I will accept any lasting change to improve the lives of autistics

11.   Accept advances in leading others to find their voices

12.   Accept giving kids a chance to express themselves

13.   To eat less gluten

14.   To attend to other ones that talk tons also (when asked to clarify if he meant he wants to be able to integrate with people who talk, he pointed “Y” for yes)

This is going to be a great year!  

Last night we celebrated New Year’s Eve at a party at our good friend’s Tim and Deb’s home.  I had never seen Philip do so well at a party.  At  times he sat with the adults listening and even answering some questions on his letterboard.  He also spent time with the kids.  Everyone noticed a big change in Philip.  We had a wonderful  and relaxed evening eating, playing games, talking, and toasting the new year.  At bedtime, I asked Philip what he thought of the party.  He spelled, “It was fun.  I am happy I went.”   

2013 was an amazing year.  I have a feeling 2014 is just going to get better!

 Ringing in the New Year with Carlos

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