Friday, February 14, 2014

Valentine's Message

I think love is a feeling of really liking.

I love my family.

I love God.

I love the satisfaction of accomplishment.

I love that I can communicate.

I love my new school.

I love walking around town.

I love light in each thing. (“How so,” mom asked.  Light is good.)

I love now each day. (“What do you mean?”  The present)

I love influencing someone to reach dreams.

I love to sow seeds and watch them grow. (I am telling my story and the Soma letterboard is teaching others to talk.)

One day I will love hearing I am talking.

I love interesting topics like today’s news and spiritual things.

I love coming to need open-minded education. (It is learning to think for yourself.)

I love storing open teachers.

I love America.

I love most reaching-out people (People who try to understand me.)

I love kids who understand me.

I love opportunities to prove myself.

I love answers to my questions.

I love my tons of out-of-the-box thoughts.

I love reaching out to others.

I love going to public world to explain autism.

Love is right to accept.

Most of all, love is each day the only thing that matters.


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  1. This is a wonderful article. I am so happy that this smart insightful boy found a way to communicate. Gives me great hope for my grandson, autistic and verbally challenged at this time.