Friday, February 28, 2014

Einstein, Science, and God

Philip enjoys learning from people’s lives.  This week he said he wanted to study famous scientists.  We have studied Einstein before so this time when I saw a FB post about how Einstein saw the world, I read it to him (you can read Einstein’s own words on his view of science and a divine being here).  Here is Philip’s response.

Einstein is a scientist who believed in an understanding Being.  This Being gives life to creation.  Einstein gives credit to a creator because the laws he uncovers are so perfect.  Each law is orderly.  

I am in awe of God and His creation.  I am in awe of the laws that God made.  Each day God allows us to discover His laws.  I enjoy nature because I like needed time each day to eagerly discover God.  I see God a lot in the way He each day teaches us.  He teaches us by allowing today a pleasure someday to find.  He gives us a hope for each day to get a better understanding of Him.     


  1. I appreciate your comment....that God gives us hope each day to get a better understanding of Him....and as I read this I think "God gives" ...He gives to us continually my understanding that I may know ... blessing to you, Phillip .....Josiah's Grandma

  2. thank you Philip for your insight...I love the comment that God gives us hope to better understand Him...God truly "gives" all things wise and wonderful to us..blessings upon you.....Josiah's Grandma

  3. Amazing, beautiful, bravo to Philip!! My daughter is communicating the same types of things via FC writing, These kids are all connected, common bond, spread the greatness of God. :) Blessings to you both