Saturday, April 19, 2014

College Trip

My wish is to follow Ana, not only this week, but to pursue college too someday.  I liked going to help Ana look at schools.  First we went to Chicago to look at Northwestern.  Chicago was cold and it snowed.  I kind of accepted it was like my home in Buffalo.  I mind it some.  Ideally it should be warmer.  Northwestern was teaching engineering in a whole completed way.  They totally get it that one should solve real life problems.  I liked that students were working on a brace for helping someone after having a stroke.  I also liked that someone talked to me about my letterboard.  He was so nice.  He was a student named Alex.  He said he could help make my letterboard electronic.  I was so meaning to tell him how happy I was for him talking to me.  I really liked Northwestern.  I understand I will not be able to be an engineer but I have tons of ideas they can work on.  I want them to give autistics voices.  I understand it will be difficult but kids will be much better off.  I hope he can get it done.  I enjoyed Chicago.  I enjoyed walking to the pizza restaurant.  The food was great.  I liked to wear my warm clothes.  It was so cold.   
My time in Baltimore was fun too.  I loved the needed break from the always cold weather.  I liked playing outside to understand the ripeness of spring token to Baltimore.  I played among the pretty trees flowering white blossoms.  I danced along paths of red and grey stones.  I laughed in the sun.  I am happy outside a lot.  I enjoyed learning about Johns Hopkins.  It was a pretty school.  I would not hear about the program because my Dad took me out.  I was being too loud.  Johns Hopkins was mostly tons of students who have no regard for me except one who understood kids like me.  He was the tour kid (guide).  He smiled at me.  The kindly way to make my day is to be understanding and smile kindly.  I had a lovely vacation.    

*Lisa's note:  We had a good week looking at schools for my daughter Ana and exploring Chicago and Baltimore.  Philip really impressed me, especially at Northwestern.  He sat for presentations for about 6 hours and was taking it all in.  At lunch he even talked to Alex, an engineering student, using his letterboard and we presented the idea of making his letterboard into a lightweight keyboard for an ipad that could give voice output.  We are keeping in touch with him and the coordinator of the student design teams to see if they can help us make it a reality.

At Johns Hopkins

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