Sunday, April 20, 2014

Philip's Testimony

I am Philip.  I came to love Jesus when I was three.  Each day I understood I was a sinner.  I was about to become a tied up person each day.  I was autistic.  One day I aimed to talk but needed help to get the words out.  My tongue was tied.  I always knew everything but I couldn’t tell anyone.  I love it that Jesus was always listening to my prayers.  I am today a follower of Jesus.  He rescued me from sin and silence.

I heard about Jesus a lot from Mom and church.  I was saved when I saw an angel.  I was dancing to the music in my head.  I saw someone pure white.  I toppled down.  The angel told me another time I will talk.  I understood I would be silent kept.  My mission was to bring the Good News to autistics.  I was to wait for the time of the Lord.

When I was nine, I saw Soma to learn how to communicate.  I was really surprised anyone could believe in me.  I was terrified at first.  Soma tried to make me do hard things.  No one ever trusted me to do anything.  Soma asked me to do understanding to solve problems.  I was nervous to try.  Eventually I tried and I too was relieved from silence.  I am today talking to the world.  I tell the good news of autism each day.  I am telling the freedom of communication.  I am telling the Good News of Easter.    

 Happy Easter!

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  1. Praise God! He rose from the dead, to set us all free!