Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Meet Me at My Strength

By Philip

Hello World,
I can let you in my weakness if you meet me at my strength.  I am telling you a school understanding.  When I was at (my old school), I did work poorly because I was treated as dumb.  I am intelligent.  Are there meaningful listeners willing to understand autistics?  Mothers are smarter than most eyes of everyone.  Teachers please me by simply seeing me as smart.  Teachers have a lot to teach me.  On a given day, stores of learning can be imparted.  On a given day, more lessons invite me to understand the sometimes confusing world.  My weaknesses are losing control of my body and emotions.  The answer to helping me is to let me use my strength.  My strengths are my mind and intellect.  I can use my mind to understand behavior and live more meaningfully.  I mean to really try hard to go to regular classes.  I think I can handle it.  I like lots of challenging work.  I want to one day invent something.  I would like to invent electronic letterboards.  Someday someone should do it.  Someday I would like to learn mechanical engineering.  It is math for understanding real kinds of machines.  I love learning.  It makes me giddy with happiness.   

 Philip outside of Baltimore Museum of Art

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