Monday, February 10, 2014


Philip loves music.  His favorite band is the Beatles.  I have written about this in a previous post here.  With the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first visit to the United States, we have celebrated in our own way by watching the Beatles Tribute on TV and learning about Beatlemania.  Philip has been practicing typing on his iPad.  Here is his response to Beatlemania which he wrote on his SpeakIt app on the iPad.

It was a time in our nation's modern history when the Beatles came from England. this happened on February 7, 1964.  they sang on the Ed Sullivan show to screaming fans.  the Beatles became the loved music of America.

the Beatles are my favorite group because they do not attract headaches like some music on the radio.  the Beatles have good melodies and lyrics. the Beatles are a natural music talent.  my mom gives me lots of music to listen to.  my favorite songs are I am the walrus and I wanna hold your hand.


  1. Oh Lisa - did you know I come from Liverpool. - my family are still there - see if you can detect my 'scouse' accent next time you watch a clip. There is a Beatles Museum and a hotel called A Hard Days Night. Next time I go i'll take some photos for Philip. Sue x

    1. Hi Sue, I read Philip your comment this morning and he replied, " I AM A FAN OF THE BEATLES. IT (Liverpool) IS A BANNER TOWN FOR ROCK AND ROLL. I WANT TO VISIT SOME DAY." That's so cool you are from that area. I love learning about where people are from- will listen for your accent next time! Thanks for thinking of Philip!