Tuesday, February 18, 2014


I am making lots of friends.  I love understanding and open-minded friends.  They are what make my life not so lonely.  I kind of like daring to do things with friends I normally would not do.  Like yesterday I went to Dave and Buster’s with Kaylie.  It was so heavy on my ears’ peace, so heavy on my eyes, but I enjoyed it.  I love writing to my autistic friends each day.  I am eager to hear from them too.  I am one autistic of many who talk like me.  I am not patient seeing autistics continue to suffer in silence.  I am liking for people to join us in our struggle for equality and good education.  I am part of a community now.  Each day I am seeing more daring from myself and I like it.  My friends make me feel strong and mighty.  They encourage me.  Peace likes man to have kind companions.  I am blessed by my friends.


This post is specially dedicated to Philip's friends Kaylie, Michael, Aidan, and Josiah.  Clicking their names will give you some of the story of their friendship.

 At Dave and Buster's


 Philip and Kaylie

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