Thursday, March 13, 2014

A Letter to You

This letter was originally written by Philip for his classmates at school, but he wants to share it with all of us.

Dear Classmates,

                My name is Philip.  I am almost eleven.  I want you to know I spell on my letterboard to communicate.  The reason is I am autistic and cannot talk.  I can like the same things today as you do.  I am very smart but my body is dumb.  My body will not listen to my brain.  I may want to say, “Hi, how are you?” but it comes out wrong.  I have some interests.  I like to watch soccer and TV.  I like to listen to music and read biographies.  I am pretty shy to play with other kids.  I am wanting you to simply understand who I am.  I have feelings like you.  I’m telling you to consider me as none other than like you.  Someday I hope to talk too.  I am understanding lonely, rightly so.  I am one to understand someone’s beliefs about me.  I look dumb, sorry, and fearful.  I hope to change your perceptions.  I am someone who has to work so hard to get by in this world.  I am kind of built for another planet.  To understand this, please do not tease me.  I kind of feel bad when you sometimes ignore me.  It sometimes makes me feel like I don’t matter.  Even if I look like I don’t like you, I do.  I might make a lot of noise because sometimes I can’t help it. I reach out to you so we can be friends.  Thank you for listening.



  1. Philip, I can't begin to express how autistic we all are in our own way....

    I love you, however you are, wherever you are... ergo, you're not lonely <3 <3 <3