Friday, May 29, 2015

Biomedical Autism Treatment

By Philip

(This essay was prompted by a Classmate's question:  Are there treatments to help stop autism?)

I do not believe in a cure for my autism. People seem to try anything to cure autism. Please don't treat us as medical experiments to have tests on. I am all for normal uses of medicine like vaccines and antibiotics for diseases. The access to doctors should be the same for Autistics. We are normal when it comes to health matters. We can have the same illnesses as neurotypicals.  My experience was going to a DAN doctor (a specialized doctor trained in using the "Defeat Autism Now!" protocol). I had to be assumed to have a disease. I made my autism an enemy. Being autistic found me with no peace. Me and my family made changes in my diet.  I was made to try many nonsense treatments that did nothing for me. Chelation slacked my muscles. Lollipops had the same effect on my autism as me going on each supplement the DAN doctor prescribed. Talking about it now makes me angry about all the capricious stuff I am analyzing. (When asked what he meant by "capricious," Philip elaborated: I meant you were always looking for different things to cure.)

I am teaching you about treatment fads so you can go make sane decisions. An informed parent should not make decisions out of beautiful promises of cure. Instead they should teach us to communicate so we can make our voices heard. My saving method of communication was Rapid Prompting Method. You follow a helper's lead to give you a regular education and communicate by prompting you to keep moving with your responses instead of stimming. No other method has so impacted my life. No peace came before this road to communication was found. Life began for me finally.  You can no longer fad treat me because I can tell if I want to be treated. 


  1. Thank you for speaking out about this Philip! Blessings to you, you are helping so many with your blog :)

  2. Well said, Philip. Autism is part of our identity and personality. Our minds are wired this way before birth. You can't cure being tall or short, red haired, or blue eyed. Being on the spectrum goes deeper than that to the personality God gave us.

    Not to say meds can't be helpful. Mine help me focus better and help with impulse control.

    I thank God I am not neurotypical every day. They can be so controlled by how they think others perceive them. They may call me weird or a nerd, but I know who I am.

    1. thank you dan. i keep making progress everyday in becoming the person god wants me to be. i know god made me autistic for a good purpose. philip.

  3. Hi Lisa, Thank you for sharing your story - it is inspiring and powerful to be able to see another side of autism. I have worked alongside people living with autism for over a decade and your story is one of the first of it's kind I have read. I will share it among my associates. Thanks.