Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Classmate's Question on Types of Autism

How many different types of autism are there?

I think there are different autisms. People call it a spectrum.  Teachers make accommodations according to our individual needs. Some autistics think in pictures like Temple Grandin. Some, like me, think in letters and words. Some autistics can talk. Others cannot. Some autistics can coordinate their movement well. Some cannot. I have a hard time with talking and movement. I have a hard time moving purposely. I pace a lot to make my body calm. Saving my manpower for meaningful tasks takes lots of concentration. People may do things differently but we all think, love, and want to be loved. Let’s try persuading lots of people that autistics are really smart and friendly. I want you to accept me just like anyone else.


I asked Philip to explain why he calls himself “Autistic” rather than using the term “having autism.”

I call myself Autistic because no one can take autism out of me. It is a part of me just like my heart is. I was born this way and can't be made to be neurotypical even if I wanted to.

Philip at his Christian Service Brigade Awards Night

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