Monday, May 11, 2015

Watching TV and Movies

From Philip's Classmate:

Dear Philip,
I have some questions to ask you.  First, what does your brain think about when you do things like watch TV, and if you understand movies, what is your favorite movie?  Second, how and when did you get diagnosed with autism?  Finally, is there a way you can climb over autism and speak your mind like neurotypical people?

From Philip:

When I watch TV, my brain often loses its peace. For me, the moving pictures and loud noise is too much for me to take in all at once. I practice watching TV by either looking out of the side of my eyes to limit the visual input or I just listen. I like movies because of the good stories. My favorite movie is Big Hero 6. I liked that the main character was smart. Lots of action too. I was diagnosed with autism when I was 2 and a half. People diagnosed me because I didn't talk. I can climb over the autism wall by talking by typing because my mouth can't talk. I can look more neurotypical by practicing being with you more.


  1. your blog has giving me insight into my daughters world. and I wish you all the best and I look forward to reading this blog for a long time.