Thursday, June 25, 2015

Reflections on Pixar's Inside Out

By Philip

I saw the movie Inside Out. I enjoyed learning about emotions and memories from Inside Out. I watched some nonsense movies recently. This one was alright but not as good as Big Hero 6. There are five competing emotions in the character Riley’s brain.  They are Joy, Sadness, Anger, Disgust, and Fear as personified. They compete to make memories for Riley. Memories form islands of meaning.  For Riley, these include loving family and hockey. My acceptance of my autism is an island of meaning for me. Lots of emotions and memories have built it. Pain and sadness are as much a part of my life as joy. Lots of different emotions are necessary. People usually only want to experience joy. But people make important memories based on many emotions. I am able to tell you about autism because I have meaningful memories based on lots of varying emotions. I am peacefully putting sad memories away. I made the decision to walk an autistic life and no longer try to become like a neurotypical person.  Peace comes from accepting my path. I am meaning to make the most of my life. Saving others like me from a life of insignificance is my mission. 

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  1. Philip writes with such wisdom. His comprehension is well beyond his age.

  2. Your words move me to tears...keep, Nirupama

  3. Nice review, Phil. Have you ever thought about writing a play or something fictional, Philip? It could be a useful vehicle considering your insight and perspective, and you tell the story of your own life so clearly and effectively in the written format. Nice work again kiddo!

    1. thank you uncle mike. i would like to try fiction writing. philip