Wednesday, June 3, 2015

My Life by Guest Blogger Ethan

My Life
by Ethan

The many times I have wonder
Now that I am in this place
I hope to live in the world
And not in outer space

The day I die I hope to stay
And carry on my work
I hope for friends who hope to bend
my life into my happy way and not shirk

My life is fun help everyone
And how I love this space
My mom and dad are wise
They help me through this place

I have hope that my life will show
Others how to be
I am not a hero but I help others on the way
I am now young and crazy as a flea

Ethan lives in the San Francisco Bay area.  He loves music, learning how to play piano, and science, especially astronomy.  He dreams that one day he and his friend, who also uses RPM, will create a movie showing their RPM journey.

*RPM stands for Rapid Prompting Method, developed by Soma Mukhopadhyay as a method to teach regular academics and communication

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