Tuesday, June 14, 2016

God and Church

J writes:

Philip how did you get such interest in the Lord?  I have an Autistic grandson.  He went a few times to church with me but now he won't go back. Same is true of his CCD classes.  This concerns me because like you I would love for him to find the Lord. He does say Our Father every night because he said when he does he doesn't have bad dreams.

To J,

I have loved God since I was very young. I daily talk to him and pray and sing to Him. I love making songs to God in my head. I was really making a meaningful life with God before anyone believed I was smart. God knew my thoughts and taught me. I learned to listen to God’s voice to let me know He saw me and loved me. Peace was learning to treat my autism as a link to God. I very much needed God. I was not liking my silence. My life here achieved nothing. I could not echo my thoughts out loud. My mouth could only echo what I just heard. People thought I was hopeless.

RPM finally lifted me out of my silence. I learned to communicate by spelling my real thoughts. I loved finally being understood and peacefully connecting with my family. It made my life change so I could become more included. I was meaningfully living my days now. Lots of my family was so grateful for now knowing me. My life here had hope now.

Church was a place I always felt loved. People cared about me and wanted to help my family and me. But church buildings can be loud and hard to be in. I think there can be places to worship that have more calming acoustics. I used to do better in Children’s Church where the room is not as big or loud. Now I can go to the big church even though the room is loud. I gradually got used to it. I think your grandson should go to church but go with how he can handle it. The peaceful way to go to church is not to force him but if possible let him be part of Sunday school or other church groups. Someday he might want to go to church on his own. Leading your grandson to know God is the most important thing you can do.


 At a church club called Christian Service Brigade

My baptism

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