Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Living With Purpose

A Reader writes:

Hi Philip,
I am writing to you because today I was just with my 11 year old grandson who was visibly so upset and then everything came out: he has no friends, crying because he hates school and already worried about the next year when he just go out. He makes statements like he doesn't know why he is alive and then when he gets upset is mad at himself for getting upset then says he doesn't like himself. I am heart broken and wondering if you ever have these feelings. I'm so upset as I write you I am in tears.  My heart aches for him and I always just try and listen.  Please if you could write me back and let me know how you feel at times.  Thank you.

To ___,

I have had feelings like your grandson too. You are a good grandmother to write for advice. He should know he is loved no matter how he feels. I have made peace with my autism by living with purpose. Day to day I teach people about autism in my writing. Your grandson can find his mission too. God makes a plan for every person. He saves our lives to be used for good. Can he make his interests become his mission? I make use of my autism. That is why I am happy as I am.



  1. Philip is One of the most beautiful people on the planet

  2. Great letter phillip! You are my hero for showing others how you feel with autism! See you At the soccer field bud.
    Coach McFadden

  3. You are truly an inspiration to all!