Tuesday, June 28, 2016

On Occupational Therapy

AM writes:
I have a question.  I am an OT.  I work with several young ones like yourself. I have talked to parents about RPM, but they continue on a different path.  What can I do within my treatment session that will benefit these kiddos the best? Thank you in advance for your answer.

To AM,

I am day-to-day looking for solutions to my problem of finding my body in space. I want to act appropriately. I am naturally an awkward person. I move when I am supposed to be still. I freeze when I am supposed to move. I can’t get my body to move right. I have brain-body disconnect. It is meaningful when my brain and body cooperate.

I would like an OT to day-to-day come up with a plan for me. I want good skills that help me do things around the house and at school. I want to be able to pick out my own clothes and dress myself. I want people to think I am helpful. I pay attention to another person who needs help. I want my body to be motivated to help. My mind wishes to help. But my body rebels like a naughty child. I may want to be a man but my manner is like a child. Bearing my body is the hardest thing. I love my autistic thoughts but not my motor problems.

An OT can help by understanding our sensory needs. I cannot feel my body in space. I think an OT can make me learn to find my body in space by exercise, more weight training, and practicing muscle memory. Bike riding was learned this way. Bike riding is now my favorite thing to do. I lament very useless things done in OT. No benefit came to me from swinging or being brushed on my skin. It was a waste of time. I am glad I don’t have to do that anymore. I want to learn important skills with an OT. Reading a book on my own, writing words, drawing pictures, typing independently, and managing my self care are things an OT ought to work on to help me.


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  1. Hi Philip,
    Has your OT tried using a weighted belt with you yet? Mine tried one with me and it helps me more to know where my body is in space. I own one now and it is great.