Sunday, April 19, 2015

Being Nonverbal Does Not Mean Having Nothing to Say

By Hanna

The word autism is considered something wrong.  But people sometimes have different conditions.  I am autistic and I communicate very differently.  I belong to this same world as everyone else does.  I belong to so called society as the other beings do.  I am an individual who is not less determined than other people to have some day an opportunity for being competent.  

Hanna is 12 years old, and has been doing RPM for about 1 year.  She has her own Facebook page called 
Being Nonverbal Does Not Mean Having Nothing to Say.    


  1. Way to go Hanna! And YES, you belong and are a VERY valuable member of this world!

  2. I thank you so much for doing all you have. You are incredible. I send my best wishes to you, one autistic person to another!