Friday, April 24, 2015

I'm A Person, Not Autism

By Josiah Cullen

Thinking my losses were big, I'm landing my feet
Pounding my way through the mouth of loss
I'm not my mouth, I'm my mind and spirit
Look on my mind and I'm loud inside
Look on my large laboratory in my soul

I'm bigger than my frame and joy is great
Read my lips--no don't, they don't move right
My jobless mouth thinks that it is personhood
I'm not loud in my laughter like most are
I'm joyful in my language of loud notes

Pair my joy in this month with my need for you
Thinking on me, I'm not a lamb or lion
I'm not mouthy to light up nights
I'm not holding autism miles on laps in malls
I'm not looking for my family of boys like me

I'm looking for my looking humanity

Pass my way and I'm looking on you
I'm looking into your notions
I'm joining your joy and your pain
Thank you for needing more love than you have
Thank you for going for big joy in letting me in

Poking out from your light is your real self
I'm joyful too when I'm me in my limits off
Pick me for nominations and I will pass
Look at me like I'm good and I will pass
Keep me like I'm loud to your hoping and I'm here

Polling for brightness, I'm holding light
Lapping for joy, I'm ordering my steps
Opening my mouth, I'm looking pale
Opening my heart, I'm looking home
I'm not lost in this place in my thinking
I'm lost in my performing like all are

Polaroid pictures look like poor quality at first
Polaroid pictures get light and pop to life
Mighty people, you mouth words mightily
Power is noted in loud positions
Look inside, for mouths only move to jaywalk

Power is mighty if more look around than please
Politely, make your move on this day
Politely, look for joining more kids in love
Put more kids in positive youthful places
Leave no man behind in his loud mind

Put more love into looking for pals than labels
Open your life to the kids that are not like most
Hold hands with lots of kids in hope of faith
Thank you for my hope in living loud
My joy is more in than out, but it's there

Josiah is 9 years old and is non-verbal. The Rapid Prompting Method opened up his communication three years ago, and he now types with his pointer finger on his iPad with some arm steadying as we work toward full independence. He loves to write poetry and wise sayings we feature on his Facebook page, Josiah's Fire.

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