Monday, April 6, 2015

Dear Parents

By Sarah

"Hi. My name is Sarah, I am 9 years old and I am Autistic. I want to show that Daddy God has great love for all. Autism is bringing great healing to the world."

Dear parents, do not worry about what another parent is doing for your path is your own.

Seeing us as whole will prevent you from missing our gifts.

Be good when angry to early see dear child as pure soul when they are doing Autism dance.

Be wary of reacting when angry, each word is powerful and can do damage.

We are dear children good at heart, we are trying to earn good marks in the world.

Nodding before each good we do helps us to gain growth.

Don’t stop loving us when we anger over little things.

Anger is our way of showing we are also stressed.

We’re not here needing healing, you are.

So when we open ourselves, open yourselves each day and healing can occur.

Each day see life as an opportunity to see God’s love through us,
He wants you all to feel his love again.

Be great loving parents.

Love, Sarah

Sarah is 9 years old and writes to communicate.
She has her own blog Love Is All You Need.

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