Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Resurrection

I am excited about Easter. All around me is new life. Spring at last is here. The sun shines warmer. The days are longer. Many nature sounds return. I hear the birds chirp. I am making a same fresh start. I became a Christian at age 3. I was baptized at age 11.

Master of the world was born in humility. “I am the Savior of the world,” said Jesus. But some did not believe and He was crucified. Many apostles abandoned him. Never did Jesus sin. He was the Passover lamb. He died to forgive our sins. Later He powerfully rose from the dead. He conquered death once and for all.

We all need Jesus. People mess people up with callous regard. Mean actions wound. Tragedy strikes. Jesus came to heal us. Parched hearts assume a meaningful gesture. Loneliness teaches patience. In need, longing souls plead mercy. Oasis of peace arrives with awesome Easter resurrection.

I am here painfully managing my time on earth. I am autistic. My life is hard. Peace amounts to acting in obedience to God to accept His call to bear witness to His glory. I proclaim His power to rise from death to life. He has raised my life too. I was once silent and now I speak. Peace comes at Easter because Jesus conquered death. I am alive in Him because of His resurrection. I have new life. I am a new creation and Jesus will complete the good work He began in me. I am always with Him. Peace and love to you this Easter and always.



*special dedication to Nico

He is risen!

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