Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Philip's Letter On Bedtime

Emily writes:

Hello Philip,
My name is Emily and my autistic son’s name is B. I want to thank you for all your posts. I really cling to every word because I'm desperate to communicate with B. I can see in his eyes that his mind is working behind that beautiful smiling, humming face. I feel like God has personally picked me to be B’s mom and I have to try my best to help B in every way I can. 

I was hoping you could help tell me about your bedtime routine and how well you sleep and how you settle your mind down to fall into Lala land:)

B loves his bedtime routine but falling asleep is very difficult and we are up till 4am a lot. 

Keep teaching the world about autism. You have already made a difference in my world:)))

To Emily,

I am a pretty good sleeper. In the past I haven't been. Lots of years of toddler books made me miserable. I made the most of it by learning to read the words on the pages and making up my own stories in my mind. I used to feel so lonely no one understood me. I made imaginary friends at night that would understand me and I would talk to them at night. My brother who shared my room would get so mad. I slept very uneasily before. Nowadays I maybe get 10 hours of sleep. Sleeping helps me live refreshed. My parents take turns putting me to bed. My mom reads a chapter of a book each night. My dad reads me from Ido in Autismland. My parents pray with me. My dad sings to me. My mom listens to me type my prayers. Lots of times I am lying awake when they leave. I think about the menu of the day meditating on my previous day and peacefully anticipating tomorrow. The menu of the day is all the significant moments I experienced meaningfully. I made improvements in my sleep by peacefully praying and practicing meaningful verses of scripture in my mind. I am particularly praying about my meaning in the world. My mission is bringing hope to autistics. I mean to challenge current ideas about autism. My sleep is more peaceful now because I am listened to and understood.   
I wish you and B all the best.



Philip at about age 5

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