Monday, April 27, 2015

A Call For Education

 By Josh Berkau

Being interested in helping kids with every level of autism instead of only those who speak is truly the need.  Action is needed to educate those of us who do not benefit from ABA or rituals of the special education task masters who deny us access to an appropriate education worthy of our intelligence.

Reality changed for me when I started school at ACCESS Academy this past September.  I went from being separated from true academic teaching to being overwhelmed  by the people treating me as a real high school student in every sense. Please expect more from students who don't have speech or reliable bodies. Opportunities like this are truly yearned for.

We need funding to help more kids get this opportunity. Please consider donating to Optimal Rhythms. (501c3)

Josh Berkau is an 18 year old high school student, self-advocate, and blogger from Newburgh, Indiana. Josh was the 2014 recipient of the Self-Advocacy Award by the Autism Society of Indiana.  You can visit his blog Josh and His Praying Heart on Autism.

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