Friday, April 10, 2015

I Am Proudly Autistic

I would like to introduce you to my all time favorite autistic pen pal Bella. Bella is from Down Under. I think she is super smart. She also is a believer in Jesus like me. I hope to visit her some day. Now hear her words.  -Philip

I Am Proudly Autistic
By Bella

I am proudly autistic. Even in my struggles I am me. The Bella who loves words, who asks questions, loves school, sees wonder in new beautiful creation and loves friends and family. It is me, the autistic Bella, very much thankful I have a voice through RPM. I love to challenge myself to be the best I can be. Can time make you aware or time make you accept autism?

I am proudly autistic. Love is our language. I understand some teach tomorrow and today is forgotten. I am with you today and only awesome God knows tomorrow.

Everyone, we are autistic and I am proud.


Bella is 8 years old from Sydney Australia and has been doing RPM for almost 1.5 years. And she loves donuts
You can read more about Bella and her writings on her Facebook Page 
Bella's Walk.


  1. Sweet Bella! You have so many reasons to be proud! Your words are strong and powerful! You are a determined autistic leader and you have an incredible family who loves every inch of you! I love you too! Keep up all your great work! xo, Elizabeth

  2. Beautifully said Bella!!! So proud to have you as an Aussie with those powerful words of you!!!