Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Thoughts On Autism

By Rohit Dixit

I have noticed these days having autism is no big thing. Today everybody knows about it. But at the same time I am not surprised there are some people who are ignorant to the fact that they think they are perfect. But I think nobody is perfect in this world. These kind of people are selfish. They think they can do anything without anybody's  help. But they are wrong. They are the ones who need most of the help to behave in a society where you encounter all kinds of people.

I wonder how the rest of the world is treating autism! I just read from an Indian news paper, that children are not getting the services they require because inadequate training and awareness. The world needs to know how important the awareness is.

One last note, how lucky we all are to be the students of Soma, who taught us this method to be a part of human race and everyone can hear our voice. Above all we should be grateful to our parents for deeply committing to us.

Rohit is 18 years old with Autism. He was diagnosed at age 3 and began to see Soma to learn Rapid Prompting Method (RPM) when he was 6. He graduated high school last summer. He wants to be a journalist.  Rohit has his own blog called Sinking Into Popular Thoughts.

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