Thursday, April 9, 2015

How RPM Changed My Life

By Fox

Fox is 8 and wrote this after someone asked him how learning RPM has changed his life:

Only completely. The letters are a way for me to learn and for me to always be understood. I am a better autistic now that I can learn because I am able to always control myself when I am talking with letters. I know I will always have autism but now I am ok and believe that I am able to be anything I want to be. Autism doesn't have to be a terrible thing. You can still amaze and learn interesting things. You can have friends and a loving and very nice sister. You can give speeches and be amazing. Autism can be a good and amazing life to have if you permit happiness and learning into your mind and always try to be in control. A lot of learning is important. I aim to be always happy and learning. An understood person can live life like any able bodied person. I am able minded and I like my life.

Fox with his sister Ruby

Fox is 8 years old and lives in Waterloo, Ontario. He loves learning about everything and especially loves science. He began RPM just under a year ago and now wants to help others learn about RPM so that all autistics can be understood and learn interesting things too.

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