Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Life Happens

By Hridhay Bashyam

Lot lot lot I ask, how mom not get me
Lot lot lot I think, how the world addresses me
Lot lot lot I wonder, what Autistic means
Lot lot lot I realize, I am different
I am four, Life happens!

Morning of May Sixth, dear Neha came to me
Mom’s dear boy felt mom loved her more
Am lot angry God gave me competition
More I knew her am entering a world of love never known
My Blessing, My Angel Sister!
I am six, Life happens!

Lot lot lot, am really bored
Bored of the real world
World flowing with the same attitude
“Autistics are not born to achieve!”
Lot lot lot, I am really lonely
Lot lot lot, I am very anxious
Feeling desperate and lost
I am nine, Life happens!

Lot lot lot, old mom read
Lot lot lot, eager mom learnt
Mom saved me from a dark place
Lot lot lot, sanity lost is back
Lot lot lot, am rising from loneliness
With RPM* in my life, am reborn!
I am ten, Life happens!

Lot lot lot, I am learning
Knowledge is lot powerful
Goodness love brings is nice
Lot lot lot, I am hopeful
Lot lot lot, I am longing
Longing for my own identity
Not “Normal”, Not “Autistic”
I am eleven, Life happens!

*RPM also known as Soma’s “Rapid Prompting Method” is a method of teaching academics and communication through the use of the child’s open learning channels at the time of learning.  Hridhay uses RPM to learn and communicates with a letter board.

Hridhay Bashyam is an 11 year old who lives in Saratoga, California.  He loves learning, outdoors, skiing, acting and being on stage.  His favorite subjects are poetry (reading and writing), science and math. Hridhay is extremely insightful and has a great sense of humor.  He has been communicating and learning via RPM for a year and a half. He wishes all his friends would have access to RPM since they all have a lot to say. 

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